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What makes a good CV? Save the best tips on how to write a CV from Duunari Corner

A carefully crafted CV will help the employer find important information about you and improve your chances of getting a job. Duunari Corner offers a handy list of tips to polish your CV. While applying for a summer job, keep these tips in mind!

You should find everything essential in a good CV in a quick glance, including clearly listed contact information, experience and training. Duunari Corner gathered a list of tips to help you polish your CV.

1. Clarity is the key

You should find everything essential in a good CV in a quick glance, including clearly listed contact information, experience and training. You can clarify your CV by creating subheadings and bolded text. This kind of fine-tuning makes the CV clear and easy to read. If possible, add to your CV an appropriate photo or even a video to present yourself. The profile picture helps creating your personal brand and helps the recruiter remember you better!

2. Proceed logically

List your employment and training in chronological order from newest to oldest and mark dates at least at a month’s accuracy. For example: “Sales advisor, 06/2015–08/2019’’.

This way the employer can get an overall picture of your employment and education history. Remember that lack of experience is not an obstacle when it comes to applying for jobs. It’s all about the attitude!

3. State your strengths relevant to the task

Summarise your experience and highlight your strengths relevant to the task. If you find it difficult to identify your strengths, you can think about the things you have previously received praise for. If you have no previous work experience, you can highlight the skills you have gained through training, volunteering or hobbies.

4. Stand out from the crowd

You can make an impressive CV by investing in its visual look. Visual CV templates and services can be found online or directly from Word or Power Point. They can help you stand out from the crowd!

5. Keep your CV updated

Remember to update your CV when there are changes in your work- or education background. It is easier to start the job seeking process when you already have an updated CV.

6. Submit your CV in a PDF format and remember to name it appropriately

Always save your completed CV in a PDF format and name it clearly as “CV – Your Name”. This way the recruiter can easily open and process the submitted documents and they look polished.

Have you got any questions about making a CV?

We are soon organising a CV workshop on our Instagram account @lassilatikanoja. Go and send us your questions in advance, so we can help you proceed in your job search!
You can also view our account at:  

Get inspiration for job seeking from the summer job information package

For young people planning to find employment, we recommend that you read the summer job information package on our website. L&T recruits summer employees mainly from February to April, but individual positions can still be filled during the summer season.

“All our summer vacancies can be found on our website where you can also submit your application. Soon you will be able to submit an application through our recruitment bot,” says Majuri.

Among other things, we have the following vacancies for the summer of 2021:

  • cleaner
  • maintenance personnel or caretaker
  • greenery area maintenance personnel and landscaper
  • truck driver
  • customer service agent, services advisor
  • supervisor or supervisor trainee
Looking eagerly forward to the summer,
L&T’s Duunari Corner team

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