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Looking for the most rewarding summer job in our solar system? Look up some tips from Duunari Corner

Many young people struggle with finding a summer job at this time of year. To make job seeking as smooth as possible, it is important to take few things into consideration regarding job application’s and preparing for an interview. L&T’s Duunari Corner offers the best tips for your summer job search.

Nowadays, the internet is full of instructions for job seeking, tips on how to make a great CV and succeed in a job interview. When adventuring in this jungle of job seeking tips, L&T’s Recruitment Consultants noticed something significant: most of the content related to job seeking was aimed at white-collar workers and specialists. These kinds of tips have not been available for practical doers, such as cleaners and property managers.

Duunari Corner helps workers apply for jobs

The idea of Duunari Corner (Worker Corner) was based on the observations of recruitment consultants and focuses on providing job seeking instructions and tips for workers. It took us approximately a year to build the concept, and it was implemented in 2021, just in time for the summer job seeking season.

Duunari Corner differs from the already existing expert-oriented tips available on the internet with its relaxed approach and focus on the basics of job seeking.

“It is a different matter to advise a person working as a specialist on how one should build an application, what should be emphasised and how to dress for an interview, for example. When you apply for practical summer jobs, you have to start with the basics. It is good to show positive attitude, energy and motivation in the application instead of strong expertise,” says Julia Majuri, L&T’s Recruitment Consultant and one of Duunari Corner’s administrators.

“We found it important to offer a solution for those who struggle with applying for summer jobs. By providing practical tips, we wanted to make the threshold for job seeking as low as possible and make the applicant more aware of the different options available. To maximize your chances on the recruitment process, it is important to know the basics of job-seeking,” says Natasha Madlala, Majuri’s colleague.

Duunari Corner’s goal is to lower the threshold for job-seeking and bring summer jobs closer to young people

The objective of Duunari Corner is to lower the threshold for job-seeking and make the bigger companies that may seem faceless for a jobseeker more approachable.

“With the content provided in the Corner, we train jobseekers to become master applicants for summer jobs. This spring, the topics include L&T’s summer job offering, improving your CV and job application, and succeeding in an interview. In addition, Duunari Corner gives you a glimpse into the daily lives of L&T’s employees, so that future applicants can see what the job can be like in practice,” says Madlala.

How does Duunari Corner’s content differ from the existing tip content?

“This is done with a twinkle in the eye,” Majuri says and continues:

“The main channel for Duunari Corner is Instagram, which allows us to approach our most important target groups. We aim to produce content in a relaxed and approachable manner. We also share the information here in our Lassikko blog, so you can easily access the assembled information and, for example, check the tips for a CV afterwards.”

Why apply for a summer job at L&T?

L&T offers summer jobs for different positions and for different periods of time.

“As a large company, we offer many career opportunities of different types. A well performed summer job can land you a job here in the future or potentially already the autumn following your summer job period,” Majuri says.

Summer workers are in good care at L&T. You will not be left by yourself, as we invest in solidarity, for example, with our summer job breaks:

“We organise short virtual information meetings monthly for our new summer workers that we call kesäduunivartti, or summer job breaks, where you can get the best tips for starting your summer job and the opportunity to get to know other summer workers,” Madlala says.

The summer job break meetings are voluntary and do not replace the orientation that is arranged at the beginning of the summer job. We also train our supervisors from the perspective of summer work so that the work experience of our summer workers becomes the most successful summer job in the solar system.

Inspiration for job seeking from summer job information package

For young people planning to find employment, we recommend that you read the summer job information package on our website. L&T recruits summer employees mainly from February to April, but individual positions can still be filled during the summer season

“All our summer vacancies can be found on our website, where you can also submit your application. Soon you will be able to submit an application through our Rekrybot recruitment bot,” says Majuri.

Among other things, we have the following vacancies for the summer of 2021:

  • cleaner
  • maintenance personnel or caretaker
  • greenery area maintenance personnel and landscaper
  • truck driver
  • customer service agent, services advisor
  • supervisor or supervisor trainee
  • other office work

Looking eagerly forward to the summer,
L&T’s Duunari Corner team

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